So the Season of Festival is coming in India Durga Puja, Diwali and many of you guys have a lot of plan for this festive season and Some of you want to buy smartphones, Some DSLR or a camera, etc. And many online shopping websites in India, Big Websites like Flipkart & Amazon are going to Celebrate this festival by providing many offers to us. But wait does this offer help us to save money? Here are a few things in you need to keep in mind if you want to save money during Online Shopping or in Online Shopping Festival Season.

1. Compare

Comparing is one of the most important factors if you want to save money on online shopping.

  • Comparing the price of one product on another online shopping trusted website. For eg, if you want to buy a DSLR and you on Flipkart and find it costing Rs 52,990 and you bought it. But if you would have compared the price with Amazon on which cost was around Rs 52,400, You Would have saved Rs 590. So This is the Reason You Should Compare the Price on Different Website.

  • Another Comparision is also the price but the comparison of price with the help of price graph which is provided by some chrome extension which lets you compare the present price of a product with the price which was on the previous day, Previous weeks and this helps a lot in knowing whether the Online shopping websites are giving you a discounts or not or just they are showcasing their product with an offer. This Happen a lot during the Festive session and for this, you need a chrome extension ( For Pc) Like Buyhatke etc, They Provide you with a price comparison graph on a secondary tab or below the product.

2.Payment Option

Another way of saving money is choosing the correct payment option, Well it all depends on your preference but choosing a correct payment will let you save a good amount of money, either its a card payment or Wallet payment or Cash on delivery. Sometimes you may some bank offers like ” Bank offer extra 10 off* with SBI Debit Card” So you should never lose this chance though there are some terms and condition, this type of offers can save you a good amount of money.

3. Reading & Watching Reviews.

Reading and Watching Reviews before buying any product helps a lot it tells about the quality of the product and what are the merits and demerits of that product. Today, as there are many, trusted YouTubers and trusted websites who unbox or do product review especially tech-related products. If you are not able to find any Reviews on Youtube then you can look for the Reviews which are present on the bottom of that product they tell you much more about the product.

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4. Buy Smartly.

Before buying any product you should do some research, compare that product with another product in that price segment this will help you to get a value for money product. If You want to save some money than you should wait for the right time to buy anything but remember always check the price comparison graph which is provided by third-party extension in chrome browser even during some sales the prices of the product are increased. (Check the point no 2 of Comparison).

If you are planning to buy a TV or big appliances or small appliances, gadgets then you should also look for its services around you, i.e if the service centre of that particular brand is present in your city or not.

5. Social Media Offers.

You should follow the brand which like on social media platforms as today many companies share the offers on their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and they also arrange Giveaways so if you are lucky then you can also be the one to win the product. So You should follow your favourite brands on Social media Platforms. You can follow us on the Facebook page and follow me on my Instagram Handle where I share amazing offers with you guys regularly.

Here is the video if you want to watch the video, our video is embedded below.


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